1. Partnership Business Law of The People's Republic of China
2. Foreign Trade Law of the People's Republic of China
3. Trademark Law of the PRC
4. Rules for the Implementation of the Patent Law of the PRC
5. Law of the PRC on Foreign-Capital Enterprises
6. Contract Law of the People's Republic of China
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Gold Master Law Firm is a China law firm based in Shenzhen, Shenzhen a beautiful coastal city of southern China which is an emerging economic hub of China .We are one of southern China's leading law firms. all of our lawyers are English speaking, we concentrate our practice in the fields of International Trade, intellectual property law and products quality law, areas which are highly complex and diverse.  Our law firm’s extensive experience in these areas enables us to help our clients navigate the constantly changing landscape of regulations and legislation.

as a China law firm which has more than 80 lawyers/attorneys working in China Shenzhen, We have set up a net work of partnership with other law firms all across China as well as oversea law offices, such as Hong Kong, Japan, USA, UK and India. Most of associates at Gold Master law office are graduates from prestigious law schools and universities in China or abroad, some are former judges working in local court. Many of them have experience working in leading law firms and have been regarded as experts in their respective specialty fields.

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, like Walmart China, as well as individuals, small and mid-sized companies doing business in China.

Our team dedicates to foreign investor protection and vigorously claims or defends for our clients.  We offer high-caliber legal representation with a practice that is designed to cater to your individual needs.

Gold Master law firm specializes in: overdue payment collection against Chinese buyers, product quality claiming against your supplier in China, real estate related service, customs clearance.  Our service is aimed to make you are paid in time if you are a foreign seller and what you purchased can be delivered to you timely and correctly in case you are a foreign buyer.

Overdue payment collection
as a China law firm. we provide legal letter,mediation, negotiation,arbitration service. With china importing and exporting more and more goods every year since the WTO en...
  Product quality claim
our China law firm provides products quality claims. You may find out products delivered by your Chinese partner are not compliance with your specification, which results in no...
IP disputes
In this economy, your rights may be your most important assets whether you are as large as one of our multinational corporate clients, or an individual ...
  Company laws
  Company(Corporate) practice generally refers to the representation of companies in the following broad areas: corporate governance and compliance; mergers and acquisitions; and securities. I...
Escrow Services
An escrow is an arrangement made under contractual provisions between transacting parties, whereby an independent trusted third party receives and disburses money and/or documents for the transacting ...
  Buying or selling real estate
our China law firm offers real estate related service. The key to making a successful real estate investment in China is to secure local legal representation before even beginning the hunt for propert...

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